10 Fun Ways to Be Active Indoors

Staying active, whether you’re able to get out or not, is crucial to maintaining good health. The following are 10 creative ways to stay active indoors.

1.Play Ping Pong

If you have a basement or an extra room to set up a ping pong table, this is a great way to say active indoors. Even by yourself, most ping pong tables allow you to put one side up and play.

2.Create an Obstacle Course

Move around some chairs and stack up some pillows and you have an instant obstacle course. You can get your daily exercise in by walking or jogging through the course.


Turn on some music and start moving. The great thing about dancing is that you can move as slowly or as intensely as you’re able.

4.Play Broom Hockey

Any size broom and almost any type of small ball will work. Set up a plastic cup or an open box for your goal.

5.Go on a Scavenger Hunt

This is a fantastic way to get both a physical and mental workout. Even with just two people you can have fun with a scavenger hunt.

6.Play Hopscotch

You can use tape to create a hopscotch game almost anywhere in the house. You can play by yourself or with others.

7.Follow a Workout Video

Pop in a video and get a good workout right at home. There are lots of videos you can rent, download or buy.

8.Play Simon Says

The moves Simon commands can be simple stretches. This is a fun game to play with the grandkids.

9.Use the Stairs

Walking up and down stairs is a great way to exercise, even if you go slowly. Even a few steps will work.

10.Play Balloon Volleyball

Blow up a balloon and you can play volleyball. You can also play this game with a pet.

Follow these tips to stay active indoors. Read other posts for how to stay healthy.

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