20 Ways to Stay Active in Your Golden Years

It’s important to stay as active as possible as you start ageing. We are here to share with you 20 fun ways to stay active in your golden years.

1. Learn New Skills

Learning a new skill like painting, drawing or photography are great ways to keep your body and mind active while creating beautiful and creative work.

2. Take a Class

Whether it’s something fun or challenging, continuing to learn while connecting with others is a fantastic way to stay involved.

3. Volunteer

Helping others will add meaning to your life as well as the people around you.

4. Play Games

Everything from chess to crossword puzzles will keep your mind sharp and active.

5. Lift Weights

Even small light weights can improve muscle strength and increase your mobility.

6. Get Outdoors

Gardening, walking or hiking or are all great outdoor activities.

7. Read a Good Book

Reading is known to help stimulate the brain.  Spend time at your local library or join a book club to make reading a social event.

8. Travel

Explore the world, whether it’s weekend trips close to home or globetrotting.

9. Redecorate Your Home

Taking on a long-term home project can be invigorating. Even if you live in an apartment you can buy new furniture, plants, and wall art.

10. Pick a Sport

It’s easier to stay active if you’re engaging in a sport you like, such as tennis, swimming or golf.

11. Get a Pet

Pets can do wonders for both mental and physical health.

12. Consider a Part Time Job

Try finding a job at something you like that will get you out of the house a few days each week.

13. Visit Your Doctor

Staying in the best health possible means keeping regular doctor appointments.

14. Plant a Garden

Gardening not only provides physical activity but you’ll hopefully end up with a variety of great-tasting veggies.

15. Get to Know Your Neighbors

You’ll have more friends in your life and people who can help watch out for you.

16. Socialize with All Ages

Having friends of all ages will keep you young and active.

17. Stay mobile

Try yoga or Pilates to increase your mobility and strength.

18. Visit Family

Staying connected to family will give you a social and emotional boost.

19. Learn to Cook

Learn to cook healthy foods to improve your energy levels. You may also want to explore different types of cuisine to keep things interesting.

20. Learn to Relax

Learning to relax by meditating  can help you stay focused and have a clear and healthy head.

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