5 Home Design Tips for Seniors

Most people are extremely attached to their homes, and most probably want to keep living there for as long as possible. As you age however, it will probably be necessary to make some changes that will help keep you comfortable for the long run. The following are five great design tips for seniors.

1. Design for Comfort

Though pillows and soft blankets are excellent ways to keep almost all chairs and sofas comfortable. You may want to choose furniture with rounded corners and decorative items that don’t have sharp edges. Consider exchanging doorknobs for easy to turn levers. Even minor arthritis can make turning doorknobs difficult. Carpeting is easier on knees and hips. It will also provide a buffer between you and a hard floor if you would happen to fall unexpectedly .

2. Make the Most of Lighting

Having a well-lit living space is necessary for seniors. Especially in the kitchen, where adequate lighting is imperative to see clearly when you’re cooking or using sharp utensils. There are lots of ways to be decorative while adding light. You could add more fixtures, free-standing lamps and even adhesive lighting under cabinets. There are also lighting sensors that can be installed throughout the house that will turn the lights on directly when you walk in and off when there is no one in the room, this will also be a great way to save energy.

3. Think Practical

It’s important to have items you use often easily accessible. Instead of cabinets, you may want to consider having open shelving. It’s also necessary to keep your living space clutter-free. This may mean going through all your belongings and getting rid of all unnecessary items. Make sure there aren’t cords to trip over or rugs that will slip. You can easily get creative with storage to keep your spaces open and clear. A pretty ottoman that opens up inside for storage can also serve as a coffee table or a leg rest.

4. Focus on Mobility and Accessibility

Being able to comfortably move around in your living space is extremely important. You’ll want to consider things like step-free floors and open spaces. Bathrooms should be constructed so it’s easy to get in and out of showers and bath tubs. If you’re living in a multi-level home you may want to consider a home lift or elevator which provides easy access to different levels. Alternatively, installing a stair lift is another good option that can help access upper floor levels.  

5. Consider Personal Tastes

Even though mobility and comfort play a crucial role, you’ll still want a home that suits your tastes. Make sure to have fun with colors and patterns when painting walls and choosing furniture. You can pick out fun wall hangings and art work that represents your own personal style. These types of items will be off the floor and won’t add clutter to your home.

It’s possible to create a home that is safe and practical while still having style. Take the time to design and decorate the home of your dreams for your golden years!

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