Buying A House With An Elevator: 5 Areas to Consider

An elevator can really improve the traveling convenience within a home, and buying a house with a pre-installed model can substantially reduce costs. However, as with any second hand products, homeowners should perform a thorough assessment before committing themselves to a purchase. 

Proprietary Vs Non-proprietary Components

Check that the circuit boards, side panels, flooring, lighting and other elevator components are non-proprietary. This means that any professional service & maintenance crew will be able to provide support in the event that your elevator requires part replacements. Models that run on proprietary parts may be a challenge to maintain, which is made worse if the exclusive company offering the parts and services is no longer in business. 

Checking for Warranty

Iron out warranty details with the current owner. Check for documentation if necessary to authenticate servicing coverage. A valid warranty will significantly reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance. 

Changes to Homeowner Insurance

The installation of an elevator will affect homeowner insurance policies. Review your coverage with insurance providers for a better understanding of these changes to prevent unforeseen surcharges. 

Recent Inspections

Ideally, all elevators should be subjected to thorough annual inspections by a professional service provider. Check that the elevator has been recently cleared by an expert to ensure that all parts are all in perfect working condition. This will provide you with maximum safety and comfort in your ride experience. 

Validity for Modernization

Check if the elevator model is valid for modernization. The process is cheaper than a complete replacement while ensuring that lift parts are in optimal working condition.  

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