Do I Need A Dumbwaiter for My Restaurant?

A dumbwaiter can save you a lot of trouble if your restaurant is more than a level high. Instead of ascending and descending stairs and potentially tripping in a hurry, a dumbwaiter maintains safe and effective communication between kitchen and service staff.

Installing a dumbwaiter can ensure that the orders of your valued customers are always served in time, along with a few additional perks.

Reduces Manpower

A strategically installed dumbwaiter will reduce the need to position multiple service staff on standby for each level in your restaurant. Communication is effectively maintained between levels with less hassle.

Faster Service

The operation speed of a dumbwaiter is faster than staff maneuvering the stairs at your restaurant. This ensures speedier delivery of orders, which will in turn improve customer satisfaction and restaurant revenue.

Safer Deliveries

It can be potentially dangerous when service staff are juggling multiple dishes and glasses while they used the stairs. A dumbwaiter reduces the risk of falling injuries, slipping and other movement related mishaps by ensuring that orders are delivered timely and effectively in one place.

Improved Hygiene Service

Dumbwaiters are small appliances usually manufactured from stainless steel, which makes them easy to maintain and service. Additionally, dumbwaiters offer a direct route straight from the kitchen to different levels within your restaurant, which reduces exposure to environmental exposure that may contaminate the food served. 

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