Elevator Companies in Bahrain

As people’s ability to navigate their own home changes, the installation of mobility products can allow residents to maintain their independence. Many organizations in Bahrain will assist by installing or modernizing home elevators. Read onward to learn about some of the most successful and prominent companies.

J.A. Zayani & Sons

Serving the people of Bahrain since 1960, J.A. Zayani & Sons offers decades of experience with mobility renovations. With the largest share of the Bahrain mobility market, this company’s products can be found in many of the nation’s office buildings, hotels, and malls. This service sources their elevators from a respected British company, Facade Hoists Limited. J.A. Zayani & Sons partners with many sister organizations that specialize in different areas of renovation, saving you time on related home improvement projects.


This major company performs installations and elevator modernization for major building projects, but they’re just as ready to focus on a private home. Their variety of elevator and escalator offerings can be tailored to any individual need. Thyssenkrupp can install elevators in homes with or without existing shafts. Many cabin materials and designs are available, allowing you to choose an aesthetic that matches any home. After installation, you won’t have to find another company because Thyssenkrupp can continue to provide routine maintenance and any repairs.

Getech Elevators

Unlike many international companies that have small Bahraini divisions, Getech is headquartered in the country. Their mission is to provide cost effective, efficient and sustainable mobility solutions. Available products include both domestic and international models, allowing you a wide variety of options. Representatives from Getech will be happy to discuss which of their models best suit your property. In addition to full elevators, their custom chair and platform lifts can enhance the accessibility of smaller homes.

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