Elevator Companies in KSA

It is essential to know the availability of options when selecting the right elevator system for your property. Some companies use proprietary (specially manufactured and authorized by a single company) equipment technology and services, which can be troublesome when engaging in repair or maintenance works.

There are many elevator companies in KSA. Here is a list of some of the more prominent and trusted names:

Fujitech Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd

Founded in Japan, Fujitech remains one of the biggest names in elevator technology around the world, providing advanced technology and a brand known for its trusted service.

Visit Fujitech to view a list of their most advanced elevator models and modernization services to cater to the needs of your facilities.

Otis Elevator Co. Saudi Arabia Ltd

Probably the pioneer among the brands on this list, Otis traces its history back to the early days of elevator technology in the World Fair.

The company is ISO-certified in its manufacturing services and spans 4 continents across the globe, delivering leading technologies and elevator models that are bound to add value to your property.

Visit Otis for the latest advancements in elevator technology.

Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd

A collaboration between Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan (MELCO) & Omar Kasim Alesayi & Co., Ltd. of Saudi Arabia, the company is a reliable name in elevator technology with over 6,000 completed projects in Saudia Arabia.

Visit Mitsubishi to view their range of quality products and services.

Schindler Olayan Elevator Co. Ltd.

An expert in sustainable mobility. Schindler operates from its headquarters in Jeddah and prioritizes environmentally-friendly solutions.

Visit their site here.

Toshiba Elevator Middle East

Toshiba is known for their ultra high speed and capacity elevators alongside other state-of-the-art technology. Definitely a brand guaranteed to equip your property with the latest in vertical transportation.

Visit their website to learn more about their extensive inventory.

Thyssenkrupp Elevators Saudi Co. Ltd.

A renowned provider of quality elevator solutions. Their team of experts is dedicated toward providing your architecture with the perfect fit of transportation technology.

Visit them here to check out their artistic portfolios.

Kone Areco Ltd

The company provides urban solutions in their elevator designs with Smart technology that uses real-time data & analytics. They have clinched multiple awards as a sustainable solution-provider.

Visit their website here. 

Kleeman Group

The specialist is known for its customized solutions and a strict compliance for the latest industrial requirements and standards.

Visit them to find out how they can create a solution specially for you.

Hitachi Elevator Saudi Arabia Limited

Hitachi values energy-efficiency and the continuous improvement of functionality in elevator designs. They have remained a leading brand in the vertical transportation industry.

Visit their site to understand more about their services and products.

Ticknek Elevator

The newest on the list, the company has quickly established itself as a leading name in elevator design. They provide a comprehensive set of installations and maintenance works, which include elevator panels, flooring and roofs.

Visit them here for more information.

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