Elevator Companies in Oman

When hiring an elevator company, it is essential for customers to consider brands that are synonymous with advanced technology, safety, energy-efficiency and quality maintenance services. Based on the factors listed above, Asansair has narrowed down to the most popular elevator companies in Oman, which will fulfil your specific project needs. 

Pioneers Elevators 

The company is a division of the Pioneers Overall LLC, and has remained one of the leading Omani providers of elevator technology. Pioneers Elevators manufactures state-of-the-art elevators, which include the Genesis system models (which can easily accommodate any space) that will spruce up your buildings. 

Visit them to learn more about their revolutionary elevator models. 

Kone Assarain LLC 

Kone Assarain LLC is an extension of the globally renowned brand of KONE elevators and technology, which is known to provide leading functionality and performance in elevator designs.

Learn how KONE continues to improve the Omani urban landscape with advances in the field coupled with the services of specialized technicians. 

Technical Trading Co. LLC

In 2013, Technical Trading Co. was announced as the sole distributor of Toshiba elevators in Oman. The company is a part of the Al Sulaimi Group, a leading industrial company in the region with more than half a century of experience. 

Check out their site for the latest updates on Toshiba elevator products & services. 


The company is the exclusive supplier of Orona elevators in Oman. Orona elevators combine aesthetic appeal and technical functionality to provide some of the best standards in vertical transportation.

Find out more about Genetco’s range of Orona elevators that will cater to your building.

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