Elevator Companies in Qatar

Elevators are extremely convenient installations that can improve the travelling experience within residences and facilities. 

Modern elevator companies focus on satisfying the evolving needs of the passenger through innovative techniques that tap on energy conservation and smart technology. Here are some leading elevator companies in Qatar that continue to offer unparalleled professional services and quality installations to their valued customers.  


This is a brand synonymous with state-of-the-art engineering. Thyssenkrupp continues to expand and improve the infrastructure of Qatar and beyond. The innovative company is known for its revolutionary time and energy-efficient elevator models. Smart technology remains a major feature in their novel elevator designs. 

Find out more about thyssenkrupp and their mission of building smarter cities around the world.  

Darwish Elevators Co.

A pioneer in the field. Darwish Elevators Co. was set up in the 1950s to fulfil the growing demands of a developing nation. The company introduced international giant, Otis Elevators and Escalators to the state of Qatar. Darwish Elevators Co. is ISO-certified and continues to deliver through leading technology, safety and service standards.  

Read more about their impressive range of elevator services here

Almuftah Elevators and Escalators

Also known as Fuji Qatar, the company is a trusted provider of modern elevator, escalator and travelator models. Almuftah Elevators and Escalators firmly believes in offering passenger vertical transportation products that are manufactured with high quality, safety and comfort. 

Visit their official site to understand more about their products, services and vision for the elevator industry. 

KONE Elevators

Kone is an international brand that provides elevators that suit the needs of passengers. Their unique focus on People Flow® experience involves analytic data and research of human traffic that creates the most energy-efficient models in the industry.

Visit their page to learn how your buildings can benefit from the KONE experience.   

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