Elevator Companies in the UAE

Choosing the right elevator vendor ensures that your installations are long-lasting while providing the smoothest and safest transportation. The UAE features some of the most trusted names in the elevator manufacturing industry. These brands are known for their outstanding quality of products and services in providing the leading models in vertical transportation. 


A leading Japanese company known for its advanced elevator technologies. The staff at Fujitech take pride in fulfilling the needs of its consumers with the latest technology in elevator operations through improving the functionality and safety of vertical transportation around the world. 

Visit Fujitech to learn more about their technological mission and how they continue to provide the best transportation solutions to their customers. 

Hyundai Elevators

The Korean brand is a trusted name in engineering technology, as displayed by its range of elevator models. Hyundai offers customers quality products in elevator technology, with Eco-friendly features and long-term industrial sustainability. The corporation believes in uniting staff toward overcoming challenges and achieving the next phase in technological advancements. 

Discover how Hyundai continues to surpass international standards though its products & services. 


The experts at KONE value one thing: consumer experience. This is why KONE elevators are well-equipped with the latest developments in analytics and data assessment toward customizing the idea technological solution. KONE is also known for its strong commitment toward providing efficient maintenance and repair services for its valued customers. 

Visit their site to find out more about their quality products and services. 


A brand known for its revolutionary technological advances. Thyssenkrupp has ventured into brave new territories within the industry through its rope-less, multi-dimensional elevator models. 

Learn more about their latest developments and plans here.   

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