Freight Elevator Classes

Freight elevators are specialized installations that enable the vertical transportation of goods, vehicles and other heavy materials. The models of freight elevators are less aesthetically pleasing than their passenger elevator counterparts, since they are not designed toward satisfying the passenger experience. Additionally, freight elevators are built to hold heavier loads and can withstand greater impact and damage, which is important in the rough handling and transportation of goods. 

These elevators are classified based on their holding capacity and the type of goods that they carry. Freight elevators are most often utilized by vehicle dealerships, warehouses and factories. It is essential to select the suitable class of freight elevator that safely fulfills the delivery and transportation needs within your building.

Class A – General Goods Loading

These are the most common freight elevator models and are used for the general loading and unloading of goods. Transported goods may be manually loaded and unloaded or through the use of a hand lift. It is important to assume that a freight lift belongs to the Class A category if design specifications are unclear. This ensures maximum safety when in use. 

Class B – Vehicle-Assisted Loading

Freight elevators from this class are catered toward the loading and unloading of heavier goods – mostly vehicles such as motorcycles, cars and vans. As a result, these lifts are sturdier than class A models and feature greater reinforcement in flooring, wall panels and lift gates.  

Class C – Industrial Vehicle-Assisted Loading

Class C freight elevators are further divided into 3 subcategories. 

Class C3 elevators enable the loading and unloading of goods with the use of a vehicle. The combined weight of goods and vehicle must be within the holding capacity limit of the elevator. Delivery vehicles may be parked within the elevator during loading or unloading processes.  

Class C2 elevators enable the loading and unloading of goods with the use of a heavy industrial vehicles such as forklifts or lift trucks and can carry up to 150% of the holding capacity. 

Class C1 elevators are manufactured to carry the heaviest loads, often maxing out on the holding capacity of the elevator. These are typically the sturdiest and costliest models in the industry. 

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