Glass Elevator Designs

It can be a hassle to travel the stairs of a multi-storied residence on a daily basis. This is why selecting a good elevator model can add a great deal of convenience to your living spaces. 

Glass elevators are a unique combination of new age style and practicality. Its unique transparent design will deliver a touch of class and sophistication to any residence. 

Improved Aesthetics 

These sleek elevators are the epitome of new-age interior design, offering a polished appearance to your home decor. Additionally, its glossy transparency will provide the illusion of widening up your living spaces for greater comfort. Glass elevators can also complement the glass furniture in your home, ranging from chandeliers, to coffee tables and glassware collections in your showcases. 

Your home is bound to receive a state-of-the-art facelift with the installation of a glass/panoramic elevator. 

Claustrophobia Solution

Getting claustrophobic in a lift is a very common problem for many people. The small space, the lack of air, the inability to see what’s happening in the mechanism are all factors that contribute to the kind of anxiety in small spaces. Having a glass elevator helps to reduce this anxiety. It adds a sense of more space to an elevator, making it feel less cramped and small and helping to avoid feelings of being trapped. 

More Expensive 

If you are considering a glass elevator for your home, you are probably going to have questions about the cost of such a home addition. In fact, glass elevators are more expensive compared to other types of elevators. Just keep in mind that glass elevators are more than functional. They add style and class to a home. The clear panel construction of a glass elevator allows the elevator to blend into the decor of a room.

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