How To Care For Your Home Elevator

Elevators are often necessary installations in multi-level houses, especially if there are members of the family with mobility challenges. A standard elevator usually operates for 15-20 years with routine inspection and careful maintenance, before it needs to be replaced. It is important to ensure that your home elevator is kept in tip-top condition at all times for the safest and most comfortable elevator rides. 

Maintenance Service

An elevator maintenance service is less of a suggestion and more like an absolute must-have. This is because elevators are made up of hundreds of parts that all need to be well maintained in order for the entire system to run smoothly. Signing a maintenance contract with a good company to insure that the elevator is maintained well, this will add to the life of the elevator and ensure best safety conditions possible.

Observe Holding Capacity

Always keep to the holding capacity specified for your elevator model. Each elevator model is specially manufactured to accommodate a certain weight limit. Overloading might lead to gradual damage of elevator parts, which lead to costly replacement or repair fees. 

Schedule Routine Inspections

Occasionally, it is best to call in the professional technicians to assess the working condition of your elevators. Schedule for annual routine checks with your elevator company to avoid sudden issues such as irregular noises, faulty intercoms and lift breakdowns. These inspections will ensure that all elevator parts are in good working order to achieve maximum safety for all passengers. 

Additionally, always clarify with your service provider that the safety features in your lift are completely functional. These may include backup batteries, intercom panels and emergency lighting components. 

Avoid Potent Cleaning Agents

The interior spaces of the elevator cabs may be easily corroded by strong industrial cleaning chemicals. Check with your elevator company for advice on the best cleaning alternatives for your elevator model. 

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