Hyundai Elevators: Among the Most Energy-Efficient Elevators in the World

You’ve probably heard of Hyundai cars. But did you know that this global brand, which is based in Seoul, also makes top-notch elevators?

Those elevators are showing the entire industry how to combine speed and functionality with energy savings and green technologies.

A History of Innovation

These days, Hyundai Group is an enormous international conglomerate. But its roots are humble. It debuted as a small South Korean construction company in 1947. Two decades later, Hyundai Motor Company premiered.

This corporation now makes a wide variety of products, from massive ships to computer chips. And its energy-efficient elevators are some of its most impressive.

Hyundai Elevator Co. opened for business in 1984. Today, it produces several popular models. They include home elevators, machine room-less elevators, geared traction elevators, gearless traction elevators, and high-speed elevators for high-rises. In addition, they also manufacture industry leading moving walkways and escalators.

Elevators That Help the Planet

While Hyundai elevators vary greatly in type, capacity, speed and style, they share one important trait: They are all friendly to the environment.

It’s the first Korean elevator to earn Class – A energy efficiency rating from TUV Germany which requires as much as 60 percent less energy than many elevators of comparable size and power.

Hyundai elevators conserve power thanks to a device called the regenerative inverter. How does it work? When a cab’s weight is less than its counterweight going up or greater than its counterweight going down, the inverter stores some of the unused energy. It then transfers that energy so it can be employed in other ways. 

Hyundai’s company-wide commitment to the environment is ongoing. There’s no doubt that their brilliant minds will keep working on even better ways to help the environment further. 

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