Mobility Solutions for People With Disabilities

Of course, people with disabilities should be able to access every part of their home. Mobility solutions can make that goal a reality. Stair lifts and other lift solutions offer safe transport. And with those conveyances come greater independence and peace of mind.

Stair Lifts

Just as staircases come in many varieties, so do stair lifts. There are lift rails for outdoor, indoor, curved and straight staircases.

When you imagine a stair lift, you might picture someone sitting down. But there are stair lifts that let people stand instead.

Generally speaking, these machines use electricity to gently and quietly carry a person. However, many of them have batteries to utilize during power outages.

Stair lifts are affordable and easy to install. They tend to blend into their surroundings; they rarely call attention to themselves. And some stair lifts come with remotes so people other than the rider can control them.

Many stair lift seats are padded and feature safety belts, footrests and armrests. Your seat should pivot as well. That way, at the top of your staircase, you can face away from the steps as you disembark. If you were to fall forward, you wouldn’t tumble down the stairs.

Residential Elevators

A home elevator could be electric or battery-powered. Either way, it should come with sensors that will stop the car if there’s an obstruction — such as your dog — in its path.

Your residential elevator may include bars or handles to grip for support. Plus, you could use this machine to transport pieces of luggage, groceries and other heavy items.

Your home elevator doesn’t need a shaft. A shaftless elevator, which is quicker and less expensive to set up, is positioned against a load-bearing wall. Once it’s installed, you can look forward to many smooth rides ahead.

Platform Lifts

A vertical platform lift is a small, basic elevator. It doesn’t have a shaft, a ceiling or walls, although it is enclosed with a fence-like structure.

This device can take you and your wheelchair between floors, while an outdoor platform lift can bring you up to a deck or patio. And such a lift can be customized to fit the space where you want it.

Platform lifts can be hydraulic or electric. And it’s wise to look for an anti-slip floor so your wheelchair won’t slide around inside it.

Whichever mobility solution you choose, it should soon become part of your everyday life. Whenever you’re at home, it’ll make you feel truly at home.

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