Should I Replace My Old Elevator or Modernize it?

An elevator is one of the most important features in a building. Thus, it is important for facility managers and property owners to either replace or modernize their elevators after a certain number of years of operation. Doing so will not only increase the safety for the passengers but it will also have a positive effect on the property valuation. 

An outdated elevator may result in slower travel times and frequent breakdowns, which can prove to be a source of extreme frustration for occupants in a building. Additionally, older models consume higher energy levels through poor function.

Obsolescent (Outdated) Technology

It is time to seek replacement if the spare parts, software and other components of your elevator has gone out of production. This can be extremely dangerous especially in cases of passenger emergency.  Facilities with lifts should always have ready accessibility to the parts required to salvage a situation.

Constant Technical Problems

Breakdowns and rough ride performances are indicators that your elevator might need some work done. Elevator rides should always function with maximum comfort and security for passenger safety. It is important for safety technicians to inspect and analyse the cause of a breakdown or complaint on a regular basis to assess the condition of the components. Both modernization and replacement methods will help solve technical issues.

Age of Product

There is a limited time span for an elevator to be considered workable toward providing vertical transportation. This period may range anywhere between 15-20 years if properly maintained. It is important to replace older models to maintain top-notch safety and functionality in a facility.


The choice to replace or modernize an elevator is ultimately dependent upon the cost of replacing the components or technology in your current elevator system. It might be significantly more expensive to opt for a replacement but sometimes, older elevator components and maintenance services may go out of date and are irreplaceable, which makes modernization impossible.

Regardless of the decision, It is always important to identify the signs that your elevator needs work done to ensure that all passengers are satisfied while optimizing the value of your property.

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