Six Questions to Ask Before Buying a Residential Elevator

Even the most beautiful and welcoming home can become unbearable if a resident loses the ability to go up and down stairs. Installing a home elevator allows people to continue living in the home they love. Here are six important questions to ask when selecting a residential elevator:

(1) What is the price?

You will want to work with a company that helps you find the features you’re looking for, within the budget you have set. Safe, well-built home elevators are available at a range of price points, and you should feel confident that you’re selecting the one that precisely fits your needs.

(2) What is the brand?

You should look for brands which have earned solid global reputations. Hyundai, Kone, Shindler, Thyssen, Otis and Aritco produce some of the world’s best quality home elevators.

(3) What is the country of origin?

The finest residential elevators are sourced from countries around the world, including Korea, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Sweden, and China. These nations offer stringent safety standards and certifications.

(4) Does the elevator company have an in-house installation team?

It is best to choose an elevator company that has an in-house team to install the elevator. It’s not recommended to choose a company that hires a subcontractor to complete the installation as they might not be qualified to do the installation safely and properly. 

(5) Does the elevator have an emergency battery?

Accidental power outages are not common, but you wouldn’t want to take even the smallest chance of having someone trapped in the elevator between floors. Emergency battery power provides you with peace of mind, knowing that passengers will be safe in any situation.

(6) Does the elevator company provide maintenance?

Regular maintenance is essential in order to keep a residential elevator in peak operating condition. Your elevator company should be easy to contact for ongoing maintenance needs.

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