What is Asansair?

Original Definition:  

Asansair is a term used in the Arab world meaning ‘Elevator’ or ‘Lift’. It is descendant from the French word ‘Ascenseur’ which holds the same meaning.  

Our New Definition:

Asansair is an online platform that is dedicated to helping people stay mobile.  

Why We Exist:  

Millions of people around the world struggle to move around their own homes, neighborhoods or cities due to factors relating to disability, injury, old age, or simply due to unaccommodating building or structural designs.  

There are solutions that can help people overcome these mobility barriers, solutions that many people either don’t know exist or find it difficult to get access to. We are here to change that. Asansair is an online platform that will help people find the best mobility solution for their needs.  

We do that by focusing on the customer and working with manufacturers, agents and suppliers to provide the latest products and services that will help people overcome their struggle. Whether you are looking for a new home lift, stair lift or wheelchair lift we make sure you can find what you need on Asansair.com.  

Check out our blog to get regular updates on new products and services we offer. We also share tips on how to stay active and live a comfortable life.  

Asansair – Make Your Life Easier.

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