What is the Difference Between Curved and Straight Stair lifts?

Aging comes with a load of problems, which includes limited mobility. Some homeowners may choose to install stair lifts to help reduce the risk of falling for elderly or disabled members in the family. There are 2 categories of stair lifts to choose from: curved and straight variants. The choice of stair lift is dependent upon the design style of your staircase.

How Do Stair lifts Work?

A motorized chair is attached to your rails and mounted to the base of your stairs. The chair comes with safety belts to fasten passengers securely in place as it travels along the strip of your rails. Stair lifts are easily operated with a push of a button.

Comparison of Cost and Convenience

Straight stair lifts are manufactured to travel vertically in a uniform direction and are easily fitted to suit the rails of straight flights of stairs. Curved stair lifts are manufactured to suit the rail shape of non-straight or complex stairs (e.g. spiral, circular or curved stairs, etc.) with bends, corners and multiple landings.

The installation fees of straight stair lifts are cheaper and they are easier to install as they do not require customized rail-fitting as that of curved stair lifts. Site surveys may be required to assess the customized fit for curved stair lifts, which may take a few weeks for the proper fit and installation.

Both stair lifts are equally convenient in assisting the mobility of the elderly or disabled through stair access within the comfort of their homes.

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