What to Do if You Get Stuck in An Elevator?

Few things are less unnerving than being trapped within the confined space of an elevator. The crucial first step is to never panic in the event of a mechanical breakdown, and to react to the situation in a calm and practical manner. 

Press the Emergency Buttons

Elevators are installed with emergency buttons that can be used to inform someone on the outside that you are trapped. You may amplify the response by hitting the elevator door with your shoe or tapping it repeatedly with you hand. This is usually the first reaction of passengers but may be ineffective if you are the sole occupant in the building. 

Use the Elevator Phones

Emergency phone lines are installed in modern elevators, which provide seamless communication or signals between passengers and elevator maintenance companies. Passengers can also share information that expedite rescue responses This is one reason why it is necessary to conduct routine elevator inspections to ensure that the backup mechanisms of your elevator are always operational.  

Avoid Movie-inspired Responses

Films have featured unrealistic depictions of heroic characters emerging from an elevator lift without assistance. These portrayals may include prying doors apart or climbing through overhead hatches. Avoid emulating these actions at all costs as they are highly dangerous in reality. Instead, keep calm and wait for rescue teams with the right set of tools and expertise.  

Regular elevator inspection and maintenance can significantly reduce the chances of a fault and breakdown. Arrange for annual inspections with your professional service provider to ensure that your elevator parts are always kept in optimal working order to receive a peace of mind. 

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