What to Do If Your Wheelchair Lift is Not Working

Wheelchair lifts (also known as vertical platform or inclined platform lifts) are effective installations that offer vertical transport assistance to the mobility-challenged. However, as with all technological contraptions, technical issues are bound to crop up from time to time. 

It can be highly distressing for dependent users when their wheelchair lifts suddenly cease to function. Always be sure to check against some common causes before seeking a professional technician. 

Check for Power

One of the first steps involves checking that your elevator is well-connected to a power source. Loose cables and faulty wires may sever the supply of electricity that powers your installation. 

Keep spare wires and cables on hand for such emergency situations. Since wheelchair lifts are a crucial transportation device, they should be kept operation-ready at all times.  

Ensure Security of Doors

Wheelchair lifts may fail to work when doors are unsecured. 

There are 2 types of doors that you should check for: elevator cab doors and destination landing doors/gates. Most wheelchair lift models are installed with sensors that prevent the cab from moving when doors are not completely closed and secure. 

Remove All Obstructions 

Obstructions found under lifts will prevent the installation from working properly. Modern elevator lifts are fitted with under platform safety features that can detect the presence of obstructions. 

Lifts might travel in a single direction (away from the obstruction) as a result. The lift will return to its normal two-way function once the obstructions are cleared. 

Call in the Experts

Sometimes, a lift may fail to work due to technical faults or damaged components. When all else fails, call in for expert assistance. Most lift maintenance companies offer a 24-hour technician service that will restore your elevator to working order in no time. Asansair is an online marketplace that provides you with a listing of quality wheelchair lifts and other vertical transportation devices. We aspire to make your life easier through the marvels of modern technology.

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