What Will Homes Be Like in the Future?

According to Market Research, smart home technology market will reach $53.45 billion globally by 2022 as more and more people invest in the benefits of home automation. There are lots of exciting new products that are likely to be in your home in the near future. Here are five of them.

1) Smart Speakers

Although you probably already have one of these right now, this device will soon become a central feature in your home. The newer models will allow you to do more than control the lights, you will be able to control the locks on your doors, the temperature of your shower and lots of other functions through voice activation.

2) Smart Refrigerator

It wasn’t so long ago when people thought that freezing food was futuristic, but the refrigerator technology now is simply mind-blowing. A smart refrigerator is capable of sending cooking instructions to a smart oven, so after a busy day, you can arrive home to a freshly cooked meal waiting for you. In addition, the smart refrigerator will also let you know when the food inside the fridge is about to go bad.

3) Smart Mattress

The key to a productive day often depends on a good night’s sleep and the smart mattress will help you to achieve just that. It is made up of layers of contouring memory foam which is designed to support your back and hips. What’s more, sensors are embedded in the mattress to track your sleep cycle and heart and respiratory rate. This technology will change the way we sleep forever.

4) Smart Home Lift

With advances in medicine, people are now living longer than ever before, which is fantastic. However, many elderly people are often confined to the ground floor in their homes because of mobility issues. But, this restriction can be easily solved by installing a home lift. We are likely to see elevators installed in most homes as people want to make sure they live comfortably as they grow older. In the near future Smart Lifts will tell you when the lift needs maintenance and will also notify the elevator company directly. How cool is that!

5) Smart Bath Tub

Forget going to the spa, you can bring the spa to your very own bathroom with a smart bathtub. It is designed to give bathers the ultimate relaxing soak as it uses technology to lower the frequency of their brainwaves to achieve the kind of relaxation that you get while sleeping.

The smart home of the future will certainly make our lives easier.

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