Wheelchair Maintenance Tips That Can Benefit Any User

Wheelchairs are necessary devices for mobility-challenged individuals. Proper care and maintenance should be observed by wheelchair owners as well as caregivers to ensure that transportation is always kept safe and enjoyable for users. Poorly maintained wheelchairs may become difficult to manoeuvre, result in falls or cause users to lose control and place them in dangerous situations. 

Checking For Tire Pressure

Tire pressure should be monitored on a weekly basis. A basic test can be conducted by pressing down into your tire with your fingers – a depth of about 5mm indicates that your wheels require more air. Check your tires for the required pressure as this differs among wheelchair models. Sometimes, there might be a leak due to a hole, either patch it up with duct tape or seek replacement tires immediately. 

As tire pressure has a direct impact on the smoothness of a ride, a lack of pressure may cause movement problems that forces the user to apply additional pressure against the resistance. This may result in shoulder aches and upper body joint pains. 

Maintaining Seats

Regularly wipe seat covers with a damp cloth and soap to maintain maximum hygiene for users. Additionally, it is important to conduct monthly inspections to ensure that there are no damages or rips that may reduce overall comfort. It is also useful to keep a spare cushion for use while the main cushion is being cleaned. 

Alignment Matters

Wheels often get misaligned through frequent use. Check for alignment issues on a monthly basis to ensure that wheelchairs are moving steadily in a fixed direction. One common alignment test is to move wheelchairs across puddles of water and examining the tracks that are left behind. It may be necessary to call in a product expert for realignment. 

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