Why Home Modifications Are Well Worth the Investment

A well-thought out home modification can raise the aesthetic appeal and overall property value of your home but most importantly, they will offer great assistance to loved ones who undergo mobility inconveniences. As such, not only will these installations fulfil the needs of you and your family but may fetch you a higher property resale value by appealing to other buyers who require similar home modifications. 

The elderly and disabled may require help in fulfilling the daily functions in their lives, such as showering, using the stairs or dressing up. This dependency can severely affect the self-esteem of individuals and compromise the quality of their lives. Home modifications will help these individuals regain their independence and allow them to satisfy their daily activities with added safety.

Modified Bathrooms

The bathroom is an accident-prone place due to moisture and slippery flooring. This can be extremely risky, especially for the elderly who face difficulties in mobility. According to statistics, 1 out of 4 adults aged 65 and above, fall each year, which remains a major cause of death and injury among the elderly. 

The installation of anti-slip flooring and bathroom rails can help reduce the risks of falling in bathrooms. Elevated toilet seats are another common modifications to bathrooms. The slight elevation can greatly facilitate the seat-to-seat transfer for wheelchair-bound individuals when using the toilet. 

Elevators & Stair lifts

Illness or old age may cause individuals to face mobility issues that prevent them from using the stairs. The installation of elevators and stair lifts in a home provides individuals with the freedom to use the stairs without assistance.

Modern elevators are installed with smart communication panels (often powered by cellular lines that offer emergency calls even when the internet connection is offline) that allow passengers to contact service staff for assistance in the event of an accident or fault. 

Stair lifts are highly secured devices installed into stair rails to enable automated assistance between levels and stair landings with the push of a button. These home modifications can be extremely useful in situations when there is nobody else at home to offer immediate assistance.  

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